When we are talking about mold, then it should be about hygiene issue that all of the homeowners should care of it. There was no exact reason why mold appears like almost in every house. The reason why people should clean their house when the mold is around is that of health issue that not all homeowners could clean it. Sometimes, they should call mold removal service to ensure that there will be no mold in their house. However, before you do it, you may need to know about mold and understanding its level. Mold is not a fungus or plant, but it is an organism that can help other organism or bacteria to make your stuff look dark and dirty. The mold could be bigger and bigger when you let it grow wild. That is why when you see it, you have to clear it up. First thing you have to know when you are seeing mold, you have to identify the level. There are mold levels that could impact the way you should do in removing mold. It is easy when you understand the mold remediation process that is based on the level of mold. If you want to understand mold remediation, here are the things you need to know about mold.

See the levels

The levels are divided based on the size of mold. First level is around 10 square feet and it could be less than that. Small mold that belongs to Level 1 is still safe and you may not need to hire professional removal service. You could do the cleaning by yourself without professional help. If you have allergies, asthma or even immune problem, then you are not allowed to clean the mold. Put the equipment well before you remove. The second level is 10- up to 30 square feet. Level III is from 30-100 square feet and level V is infected with HVAC and AC system. From level II to level V, it should be cleaned by professional due to the high-risk effect of mold remediation.

Consider DIY or professional cleaning

As it has been mentioned above, DIY cleaning is recommended for mold level I. It is easy when you can find the cleaner. The most important thing in cleaning mold is to put mask, and glove to make sure that you will not be infected. It has come to professional service when it touches to level II up to level V to ensure perfect mold remediation.