Posh Events and Design is a privately registered company that makes strategic planning and arrangements for events. Their designs are elegant, luxurious, magnificent and fashionable. This glorious and stylish company is the best event planner in the Bay Area. The Posh Events & Design company is situated at San Francisco Bay area region in the Northern California spanning the entire town of San Francisco and also the neighboring counties. The company offers a large number of services such as wedding celebration and picnic arrangements, a celebration of birthday parties, special day events such as dating events and conferences. The company also offer dinner and corporate events such as seminars and conferences, trade shows, appreciation events, executive retreats, and incentive programs.

Mission and vision statement

The mission and vision of the company are sophisticated, well-designed and highly individualized and personal. Therefore, the mission statement of the company is making the events of the prospective customers and clients to be more luxurious, appealing and with maximum fun and also making the event memorable. Based on its mission and vision statement, the company has attracted a large number of customers and clients from within and outside the city of San Francisco. The following are some of the primary services offered by Posh Events & Design Company;

Birthday party events

Posh Event and Design Company provides a lucrative and luxurious arrangement for a birthday party celebration. The company makes an arrangement of the celebration in terms of decorating the venue of the celebration, assembling all the necessary materials required such as chairs, tables, and decoration the pulpits. The company also makes purchasing arrangements of birthday gifts, making orders and also clearing the invoice on behalf of the client.

Corporate events

The company organizes and makes arrangements for big events such as dinner and corporate events for business companies. This involves booking a spacious room for the conference, decorating the venues and also providing the attendants with refreshments such as soft juices and water. The company also organizes for political summits and events on behalf of their prospective clients and ensure all the guests and politicians are well attended. Therefore, if you think of conducting dinners and corporate events just think of Posh Events & Design Company.

Wedding parties

Posh Event and Design Company works closely to its prospective clients and customers to ensure that the event conducted remains memorable to the owner of the event as well as the outsiders. Therefore the company makes arrangements for the wedding parties in such a way that it makes a flowering decoration to the venue, provides chairs and tables required for the event as well as providing refreshments such as water and juice and also serving meals to the guests. The company also has enough number of employees who serve the guests and make sure the event runs smoothly. That is how the company brings luxurious dreams into reality.


It is worth noting that everybody needs their events to be organized in a respectful, luxurious and memorable manner. Posh Events & Design Company brings this desire and zeal for everybody on board and into reality by offering the above-discussed services to its prospective clients. The company turns your vision into the beautiful, bright and glorious experience. Check their website posheventsdesign.com and Posh Events & Design Blogspot.